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good gathering

http://zhigang.org/wiki/GoogleInterviewQuestions http://placementsindia.blogspot.com/2007/12/solutions-to-few-google-top-interview.html

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说几道面试题 – 未名空间(mitbbs.com)


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贡献M家题(在线服务组,英文自己翻译) – 未名空间(mitbbs.com)


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max sum of contiguous subsequence

max sum of contiguous subsequence dp S[k+1] = max{S[k] + A[k+1], A[k+1]} we also need to record start and end position of the subsequence S[0] = 0; start[0] = end[0] = 0; S[1] = A[0] ; start[1] = end[1] = … Continue reading

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need to recall

1. tree operation. traversal without using stack 2. bit operation. read bit hacks doc 3. he hai tao

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